Events                   The 2008 Fourth Quarter Board Meeting of  SJTUFA

SJTUFA held its 2008 forth quarter board meeting on its Ming Hang campus in Shanghai to develop the strategy of SJTUFA growth. The board welcomed two new members: Prof. XU Fei, vice chairman of SJTU, and Prof. JIN Wei, director of SJTU International Cooperation & Exchange Office. The former SJTU executive vice president Prof. YE Quyuan has completed his term as a director and will remain on the SJTUFA Advisory Board. The following directors attended the board meeting:

ZHANG Jie, SJTU President
XU Fei, SJTU Vice Chairman
YE Quyuan, Former SJTU Executive Vice President
JIN Wei, Director of SJTU International Cooperation & Exchange Office
ZHANG Wei, Executive Director of SJTU Education Development Foundation (China)
Katherine He, SJTUFA President