Events  Call for Donation -- 4.20 Ya An Earthquake Relief

Dear alumni and friends,

A 7.0 earthquake hit the southwestern Sichuan Province of China on April 20, killing nearly 200 people and leaving an estimated 120,000 more homeless. The Chinese Red Cross immediately mobilized a disaster relief team and has provided desperately needed tents, food, water, clothing and medical supplies for these victims.     

You can help support these important disaster relief efforts by donating through SJTUFA.  The relief fund raised via SJTUFA will be 100% distributed to Chinese Red Cross.  In order to send the fund to China in time, please contribute before May 31.

For donations under $500, we recommend to use SJTUFA online donation function by clicking DONATE  Please make sure you print out the receipt at the end for your tax record. For instructions of other donation methods, please visit:

Together we can make a difference and strengthen this community in terrible need. 
Thank you for you support!